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Retirement Plan Services

At R&F, we have two questions for you that we want to help your organization answer.

  • Is your retirement plan in good health?
  • Are your participants on track to have the income they need in retirement?

At its core, “retirement readiness” has moved well beyond meaning simply accumulating a nest egg in a retirement plan. It’s now about how each participant in your plan can have a better chance to replace a larger portion of their pre-retirement income throughout retirement. With income replacement ratios as a key metric, we have the ability to measure this while knowing what percentage of employees inside your organization are on track for a successful retirement.

You should expect more value as an employer. Focus on running and growing your business while the R&F retirement team helps ensure the smooth operation of your plan. Our approach to your retirement plans starts and ends with your employees.

It is always our goal at R&F to help your organization find new ways to improve the value of your retirement program and give you the resources to provide greater retirement readiness for your employees.

Make sure your participants nearing retirement ask us about “THE 4-BOX STRATEGY.”

At R&F Financial Group, our passion is preparing your employees to retire on time and improving the health of your plan.