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Do you feel overwhelmed with the number of your existing investments? Are you unsure you are getting an optimal return? Are you anxious about what you’re seeing in the media?

Those are just some of the places where R&F Financial Group can help you. R&F builds financial strategies to create confident investors. We help you make decisions based on reliable financial information that specifically relate to your personal objectives and seek to understand you more so that they can better serve you.

Some of the services that R&F Financial Group can offer you include:

Personal Planning

  • Comprehensive Financial Plans
  • College Funding Strategies
  • Estate Planning
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Income Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance

Retirement Income Planning

  • Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
  • IRA Rollovers
  • Roth IRA
  • Income Annuities
  • Deferred Annuities

Business Planning

  • Estate Benefits
  • 401(k), Roth 401(k), Profit Sharing and Defined Benefit Plans
  • Buy-Sell Plan Funding
  • Key Person Insurance
  • Deferred Compensation Funding


  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Unit Investment Trust
  • Mutual Funds
  • Securities Brokerage Services
  • Fee-Based Money Management

No matter what your financial circumstances are, we can provide you the insight and guidance you need to help protect you and your family throughout all of life’s events. We determine what matters to you most in life to provide you with the planning experience that you deserve.

Our clients are often surprised when we turn the conversation away from financial affairs and ask them one question: What in life matters to you most?